Carne Asada Fries from Cotijas Mexican Grill

Once a month, my boyfriend and I go out for carne asada fries. Why? I don`t know actually but it`s an easy food to share and it`s a Southern California thing. We were in a different area so the nearest Mexican place was <em>Cotijas Mexican Grill</em> and for some reason when I see the word "Grill" at the end of the place, I would assume it would be more like a "restaurant" or higher end than a Mexican joint? We never tried this Mexican Grill out so we decided to order from here. AND OMG -- it is freaking over priced. The carne asada fries came out to be a little over $8 bucks. Hot sauce was free but I always eat my carne asada fries with SALSA SAUCE (all the places I have ordered carne asada fries they are free) but here they charged me an additional $1. The salsa sauce wasn`t even good. So in total we paid $9 for Carne Asada Fries that we could have gotten for a little over $7. I`m really disappointed, the fries weren`t all crispy, they were still "soft" and it`s NOTHING SPECIAL compared to other places. The only "up side" is there is a drive through. I would not repurchase from here.. Kind of ruined Carne Asada monthly trip for me. A lot of people on Yelp agree with me too.. wish I read the reviews before trying this new place out. =X

<strong>Do you have some sort of food you go out to eat once a month? When you hear the word "Grill" at the end of some food place, do you think it sounds more `expensive` or the quality of taste would be better? Or is it just me?</strong>

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