Carlo`s amp pepe`s quesadilla

4 years ago

So today one of my good good friend`s birthday. So i decided to bring her to carlo`s and pepe`s.. Many of you are from Montreal, so it is very similar to tres amigos. The difference is the way they serve their plate. Tres amigos stack their food ontop of the other and carlo`s & pepe`s well you can judge it by the picture i uploded above. it might look small but this bad boy can fill you up to the next level! I`ve been so inlove aswell with their guacamole. the plate includes mexican rice, refried beans and guacamole. I also love the part where they give you unlimited corn chips its reaally good.. i double sudgest you to go try it out, i am just not so sure if they have it outside Montreal since it is a really new restaurant..Please do comment down how you find it and let me know i`d be very curios. Also i am not getting paid to say all this things, i am reviewing this to die for quesadilla`s through my own experience.
P.S. the picture is my own, captured with my iphone on my own order. thanks a bunch

much love <3 emreen

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