Caring for nails

Keep nails clean. Under them can deposit bacteria and other organisms
Nails should be cut straight in front and slightly rounded on the sides to keep up its vigor and prevent ingrowing.
Do not bite your nails. The habit creates a moist ground and promotes infections. May favor the irregular growth of the nail.
Avoid sanding the top of the nail. Do not wear tight shoes.
Do not mess around with ingrown toenails, especially if already infected. Changes in the nails can signal a health problem. Noting changes, see a dermatologist

Nails can provide signals about the health of your body
...... Unlike what many may think, the nails are not just a supplement to the body whose main function of protecting the fingertips or increase the capacity of the hands to pick up small objects. Besides the aesthetic aspect, which is also part of the beauty care and hygiene, which few people know is that the nails can reveal your health status.

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