Caring for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

5 years ago

Autism is primarily a condition that affects an individual`s ability to communicate and interact socially. Therefore, tasks that you may take for granted like going to the grocery store or visiting a friend may be overwhelming and upsetting to an Autistic child. Predictability and routines are critical for reducing the stress you and your Autistic child will experience each day. However, it is not possible to adhere to an identical schedule each and every day and that is okay. Once you have a routine that your child is comfortable with, there are ways to make new activities more manageable. First, try creating a picture book that describes the new activity. For example, a story about visiting the dentist. The story doesn`t have to be for entertainment, it should be a description of what happens in this task. Describe getting in the car, driving to the dentist, waiting in the waiting room, sitting in the dentist chair, opening your mouth so the dentist can look in, and any other details you think are important. You can use plain white paper and pictures from magazines or printed off the computer for the photographs. The story may seem mundane to you, but it will prepare your little one for the adventure ahead. Four or five days before the new adventure, begin reading the book to your child. Make sure you use your child`s name in the story. You may even want to have a practice the day before the real adventure. Go through most of the steps in your story. When you get to the location of the adventure, you can read the rest of the story again. This technique will enable you to do things like go out to dinner much more easily. But perhaps the most important aspect of caring for a child with Autism is getting as much support as possible from your family, friends, and school. Since routines and consistency are crucial, educate your family and friends about what routines are required with your child. And make sure you utilize all of the resources your school has available; tutors and therapy are provided by many schools. Since you are always on a mission to maximise and encourage language in your Autistic child, make sure that you are requiring language often from your child. For example, your child may be physically capable of getting a cup of milk for themselves, but it is useful if you require that they ask you for a cup of milk to give them an opportunity to use their language skills. Lastly, remember that every child is unique and special. It is normal and understandable to become frustrated with your child as every parent does so do not be too hard on yourself or expect more from yourself than any parent is capable. Keep in mind that and therapies are increasing and improving every day. Stay positive and take comfort in the realization that caring for any child is a labour of love. No parent is perfect, but you are the perfect parent for your child.

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