Caramilk Secrets

4 years ago

A few years back, Hershey`s and Cadbury decided to invent new ways to sell chocolate. Suddenly, buttons and drops appeared, even though no new flavors or brands of chocolate came up.

I tried the Cadbury buttons and I absolutely hated them. They were a cute concept, selling milk chocolate in the form of coins or buttons. However, they kept reminding of me of the chocolate wafers you use to bake at Bulk Barn and that just completely put me off buttons.

Drops were not bad but it felt a bit weird. Personally, I like the creaminess of actual chocolate bars. The drops have no candy shell but the chocolate itself is stiffer so that it won`t melt. Personally I think they lowered the cocoa butter and cocoa content to save money as they were much less creamy and had less chocolate flavor.

The Caramilk Secrets, which is the Caramilk chocolate in button form, completely disappointed me. I love caramilk chocolate and I always eat it, however, this bag was terrible. For $3.99, you get these small chocolate coins. When you eat it, there`s very little caramel filling. Instead, it`s mostly sub-pair milk chocolate that you taste. The outer shell of milk chocolate does not have a candy shell, but it`s very hard and its very dry, unlike the regular caramilk bars. There were not a lot of pieces in the bag as well, maybe around 20-30? Which is very unreasonable for the price.

I will never purchase this again, it was awful!

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