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photo is mine, please do not take.

So i recently heard about the Happy Hour that Starbucks is doing again, or well known as the HALF OFF FRAPPS! Haha, i love frappuccinos, basically all i order at Starbucks, and half off? Is amazing!

So my dad bought my sister and i a cup, and goshhhhh! Delicious. So my sister had the mocha and i had my classic favourite, which is the caramel. Mmm, usually when i think of caramel, i think of very sweet and thick, but the frapp is totally not like that! It is sweeter than other frapps, but in the taste it isnt too sweet! Which i love, and gosh, the whipped cream on top is heaven!

haha, whats your favourite frapps to get at Starbucks?
I really wanted to try the Green tea one, but i dont know if it is good...

Any questions or comments? Write below!
*photo is mine

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