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4 years ago There are millions of apps out there with some being more useful than others. With the competition between the major Smartphone manufacturers being fiercer than ever, apps are becoming more and more sophisticated. Rather than being merely trendy gimmicks, these apps have proved to be worth the price paid with capabilities and specifications which you would normally expect from full blown software programmes. One aspect of our daily lives which seems to have benefited particularly well from the plethora of apps, is motoring. We have come to rely on our cars as much as we have our arms and legs and the app developers have responded accordingly. There are some really cool apps available for use when out on the road or sitting at home on the couch. Gas Buddy We all love our cars and this app should help us keep on the roads without too much hassle. Gas Buddy allows you to log all your maintenance repairs as well as schedule your servicing and MOTs. Gas Buddy will also track your mileage and fuel which is even more important these days with the rising costs associated to motoring. Petrol Prices Pro Fuel costs are a major problem. Whether its the high price of oil or the crippling government taxes known as fuel duty, we all want to find cheaper fuel to run our vehicles. This app should help you find petrol stations to ease the financial burden by locating the cheapest fuel on a daily basis. Jam Cam This is a great app as it will let you tap into the cameras used by the Highways Agencies. It will help you avoid any major traffic congestion and incidents as the pictures benefit from live traffic feeds which cover all the major motorways and A roads. AA Parking Who hasnt got frustrated when looking for somewhere to park their car? This app is the solution. Voted one of the best 500 apps in the world, you can locate car parks wherever you are. It even has information on the prices charged. Honest John Motoring news, road tests and reviews, this is the app which any self respecting motorist should have on their device. Here you can get answers to your questions timely and honestly. Fill That Hole-CTC Potholes annoy motorists probably more than anything else. Of course its easy to understand why since they can cost us hundreds of pounds in repairs despite paying a high amount of road tax every year. This app allows users to log photographs and forward them to the relevant councils responsible. The cyclist charity CTC will then put pressure on the authorities to get them fixed. iWrecked Nobody wants to think about being in an accident but it`s something that happens to a large number of us. This app provides advice on what to do if you are involved in an incident as well as enabling you to create detailed accident logs and generate a professional accident report. If you love cars then might be of interest to you. You can compare car loans if you are looking at getting a new set of wheels! car

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