Cappola Prosciutto Review

2 years ago

I`m quite surprised that I`m doing a review for this. Why? Well I was never a fan of prosciutto for the longest time. I would avoid it like the plague. The main reason why I disliked it so much was because the ham just looks super raw and red. And also because it`s beyond salty and has this distinct taste I can`t really describe. But after having my family buy it every week, I got used to seeing it and eventually started eating a few bites. And now I`m finally able to eat prosciutto without flinching! And enjoy it ha. Oh and if you`re wondering what prosciutto is, it`s basically salted, dry ham.


-Brand: Cappola is the company that makes it. If you`re interested in getting this particular brand, you can find it at Costco.

-Packaging: This company sells prosciutto as a single pack or a two pack. The salted ham is sealed in a plastic container that is not resealable. I dislike how it`s not resealable since I find the ham to dry out more than it already was to begin with. To prevent it from drying out more, I put this is a plastic bag. The pieces of ham are separated by a thin sheet of plastic to prevent the meat from sticking to each other. Another flaw I find is having to open the whole package to get one piece of ham out. It`s because the way they stagger the ham is inconvenient. You would have to pull the bottom piece out first but it`s covered by the other 11 or so pieces.

-Taste: You can taste the salt crystals on the meat, so it has a bit of a small crunch. The meat itself is thin, semi-soft/hard and chewy. I know people who enjoy pairing this with something else to make it less salty, but I prefer to eat it alone. Even though I find it quite salty after eating one piece. Besides tasting salt, there is a unique taste to prosciutto; I can`t exactly describe it. Is it musk? I honestly don`t know. I found this pack to be a lot drier than the other packs by the same company.

-Price: One pack of this from Costco costs around $8. And you get around maybe 12 pieces?

Overall, after having a strong dislike for prosciutto for the longest time, I`m surprised that I quite like it now. In fact I sometimes secretly crave this...

Do you like prosciutto?

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