Cape Lookout Lighthouse North Carolina

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Next on my tour of must see buildings of North Carolina brings us to the 2nd most famous and 2nd most visited Light House in North Carolina, the Cape Lookout Lighthouse. Located on the Southern most point of Carteret County, on the Outer Banks, the Cape Lookout Lighthouse stands a whopping 163 feet (about 49 1/5 meters) tall. Built in 1857 the lighthouse is considered one of the most picturesque lighthouse in the entire country. The Diamond painting was once thought to have been mixed up with the pattern that Cape Hatteras was supposed to get, but it was later revealed that the painting designs were handed out randomly. Oddly enough even though this lighthouse is the 2nd most visited lighthouse in North Carolina it`s only accessible by ferry and is only open during the summer season. The original lighthouse keeper`s cottage was moved down the shoreline and is now a private residence. A replica has since be built. In the 1960s and the early 1970s it was discovered the the shore line of Bardens Inlet was eroding at a much faster rate than previously thought. So in 1979 and continuing to today many dredging operations have taken place to rebuild the shoreline and stave off the erosion. The operations have done a lot to keep the lighthouse standing where it is and keeping it`s foundation safe. In 2009 the lighthouse received nearly half a million $ American to help restore and repair the lighthouse in several areas. In 2008 it was discovered that the lower part of the lighthouse structure was starting to crack and become unstable so the lighthouse was immediately closed down to the public. The restorations, that began in 2010, have helped the lighthouses structure, both internal, and external, and helped stabilized the lighthouse. The restorations also replaced the old iron-cast stairs that we degrading quickly and the railing at the top of the lighthouse. The lighthouse today now allows visitors to climb up to the top of the tower and look out on the observation gallery and allows access to the lens room. During the off season however the lighthouse is closed for climbing as the winds at the top of the tower regularly reach speeds of 30+ MPH at its location where the Gulf Stream turns a hard right at the island it is on casing the warmer waters from the Stream to meet the colder land, casing stronger winds. The base of the lighthouse is open for viewing however during this time. A replica of the keeper`s quarters has been built near the base of the lighthouse and acts as a museum and visitor center to the lighthouse. This building is open year round. This is a very popular lighthouse on the North Carolina Coast is also one of the most Famous on the eastern Seaboard. So if you`re taking a vacation to the Outer Banks take the time to come visit the Cape Lookout Lighthouse! It will be a great visit.

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