Canon Powershot SD20 REVIEW

5 years ago


So before i had my Nikon camera, i used to use this super old camera, the Canon Powershot SD20.
So i was pretty surprised that i actually kept it, but it still works fine. I personally HATED this camera though.

So first off, this camera is so small. It is like the palm of my hand. It is very small, so its portable and handy to carry. But maybe it was too small, because the screen is tiny to view and watch pictures and videos.
They also had different colours too, i think red and a navy blue.

The program and buttons on the Canon is really easy to use. I got used to it pretty fast, faster than my Nikon camera. They didnt have much settings, but it was fairly easy to remember which one was which.

So the results of the photos werent that great. It looked fine on the tiny screen, but when you upload them up on the computer screen, it is so pixely and really bad quality. But one of the few features that i liked was that when you took a photo in a dark area, it always tried to make the photo brighter, which was very cool since i didnt have to adjust or change anything.

So one other thing that i really hated about this camera was the battery life. It was actually HORRIBLE! It had a battery pack, and a charger, and i seriously needed to carry the battery charger everywhere! It kept going on and off, and saying it is too low battery to take photos, like every 5 minutes! It was really annoying when i went to parties or somewhere out of the city, because i always didnt have the charger on me.

Overall, i didnt enjoy this camera. It was really bad for me, and hopefully all Canons arent like this, because then that would suck. I bet it was just this camera though because it was a really old model, so hopefully they improved.

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*photos are mine

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