Canon EOS 60D

2 years ago

Finally, the day has come to write a post about my SLR camera. IT has been already a couple of months since I have gotten the Canon EOS 60D and I am ready to write something about the SLR camera. I always spend my money on small cheap camera, but the one brand that I love and always buy is the CANON. Everyone has their preference when it comes to a brand. I have always thought that the canon had a slightly better features than other brands.

The canon 60D is a little heavy, but for me I like it because I have a better grip and feels right when I`m holding the SLR camera. I was actually looking to get the canon 6D, but I wasn`t able to afford It. Its okay because I love the one I got.

When it comes to lenses you can always change them and find a suitable lens that would fit your needs.
The SLR camera came with a 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS UD Standard Zoom Lens. The lens zooms in pretty close to the subject. If you want to take good photos in the the zoo, this lens is the one to choose. When I went to the zoo I was able to get many good shots. I was glad I had this lens because all I had to do it zoom in and I was able to get a close up of the wild animals in zoo. I didn`t have to risk my life by leaning against the fence that is dividing me and the animals. I didn`t want to end up being broadcast in the news running from a lion.

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