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For Christmas, my hubby bought me my first DSLR camera. Now, I was definitely a huge fan of the smaller point and shoot cameras - for many reasons:
1. Carrying around three kids is complicated enough.
2. Smaller cameras were great to stick in my purse and always have handy.
3. Much less expensive than a DSLR which is great when you have 3 little ones eyeing your camera. (I just know they are going to find some creative way to break it....just look at them...)
4. The pictures were still very good without all the bells and whistles.

However, let me tell you...whether it was camera envy on the soccer field or just being tired of very blurry far away was time to change. I am one of those that likes to stick with a brand. BUT and I do mean BUT....I shopped around. First things first, when we are talking price lets consider I have braces and sweet sixteens and weddings and colleges and cars and load of dresses these little ones will only seem to wear once type of money. With that in mind, I wanted to be easy on the pocket. I do believe highly in "you get what you pay for". The major players in my DSLR were down to Nikon and Canon. This is not to say that there aren`t others that perform just as well. When you get to DSLR you need to think about the add ons. And well, lenses can be darn expensive. Ultimately, it brought me down to Canon`s DSLR. I had a Powershot before and Canon`s customer service is very easy to work with.

Canon just released their T4i this year, but I opted for the T3i. Listen, it`s just a body. And much like cars, there`s always going to be a newer model. Get your experience on the less expensive of the choices. Again, still quality, performance and bragging rights. If you feel like you can take on the professional world of photography resale your camera and use the money towards an upgrade. Actually, this is how I work all my electronics. I never seem to own an item long enough for it not to be sold for a decent payment towards something newer (except televisions....).

Now, my thoughts. LOVE IT!! Wonderful pictures. It is a good weight to it, but something to be expected. You will need to purchase your lenses. Some of the DSLR are packaged in bundles. I wasn`t thrilled with the lens that it came with so I purchased a 250mm. Listen, I`m not expert but I am always complimented on the pictures. The Canon`s give you the point in shoot options in the DSLRs to make it pretty easy. I do love the Automatic Focus that does all the work for you to capture your subject.

There`s a few websites you can check for great deals. Keep an alert on and you`ll be alerted on any price drops. Holidays pricing dropped this camera down to the low $400s. The T4i was also seen around $500s. Certainly worth the investment

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