Canned Smoke Oysters =]

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

I know i`ve posted some what strange food posts prevoiusly and this is probably one of them that some will be disgusted by lol.

I love my oysters, and smoked ones in a can don`t bother me, actually i am a huge fan of them in their own way.

I prefer the one in bbq sauce only because it has more flavour to it, i like to eat it with bread rather than crackers (maybe because it keeps me more full) But, i also don`t mind the plain oil one.

I have been trying out diferent brands to get the BEST one that i like most and i can make the most out of my money too =]

I wouldn`t compare them to fresh oysters, because really they are two different things, it`s like comparing bacon and pork steak!? you know? so yea, it`s very different to fresh or even steamed oysters. so maybe if you don`t like fresh nor steamed oysters - give canned smoked ones a try?

Let me know:
- if you have tried these before
-if you haven`t, would you dare?

Thanks for dropping by, all photos are mine, please don`t steal

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