Candy Striped Nails! :)


I tried out the candy striped nails the other day, and let me tell you, it`s so hard!

I think its just me, but I find it notoriously hard to hold the brush in my left hand because I am so right handed! It`s terrible! Like I can barely hold the brush in my hand, and I kept on messing up my right hand!

Anyways, all you really need:
- Lilac nailpolish (in this case, Nails Inc. is used)
- White nail art pen

Anyways, do you think this is a hit or miss? I find that if oyu stick to one base color, it looks good but when you do like rainbow nails and then the stripes overtop, I find it tacky...

Now, I need to ask you...
1. Is this a HIT or MISS?
2. Do you like Nails Inc brand?

Comment below if youhave any questions! XO :)
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