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5 years ago

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So after school, I always head to work downtown. And whenever I do, I end up passing by this awesome candy store. Right now, they have a bunch of cute Valentine`s day themed candies. I went in with the intention of buying a bag of Candy hearts, cause I love them. But the bag was huge, and I only wanted something small.
Trying to keep my junk food intake low.

I walked around and stumbled upon baskets of different lolipop flavours. They sounded pretty good too. They were only 3 for $1, so I ended up picking:

Tutti Fruiti

I haven`t eaten them all, obviously. I tried Tutti Fruiti when I got home... and it was terrible. It was just a TERRIBLE flavour! I couldn`t even finish it, it tasted that bad.

So right now, I`m not sure if I want to try and eat the other flavours... it`d be a waste of money of course, if I don`t, so I`ll leave it until I have a huge craving for sugar.

Have you guys ever tried this brand before? It doesn`t taste that great, so don`t get it.

Update: Blue raspberry tastes pretty good...

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