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4 years ago

Hi Luuuxers

I really really love candy and chocolate its just so good. I mean if I could just sit around eating candy and chocolate all day I would but I cant because as we all know its not great for us so I can only eat a bit. So I thought it would be fun to tell you about some of my favourite candies and chocolate. Warning this may take a long time.
1. Galaxy: I love they way its so creamy and just leaves me wanting more and more.
2. Starburst: I love the burst of flavours that you get in your mouth along with the chewiness.
3. Lindor: This is not a pacific chocolate but this brand is just amazing I mean their chocolate is so creamy and takes me to another world as I eat it.
4. Snickers: Are amazing you get some nougat, caramel, chocolate and nuts what more could you want?
5. Multeasers: I love the way they can be crunchy at the same time melt in your mouth.
6. Skittles now who dont love these round sweet chewy explosions?
7. Kinder buneo: Come on you have chocolate, hazelnut and wafer you must be crazy to hate that.
8. Cherry drops: Now I think they only sell these in the UK but they taste like 1 millions had a fight with sugar and created this sweet yummy cherry treat.
9. Tic-tacs: I just love all the flavours I mean their so tiny but are really big in flavour.
10. Trident tropical gum: Now I know this is gum but I just had to pick it I mean it taste tropical and fresh at they same time now that impressive.
11. M&M: Nuts in chocolate in a sugar shell amazing.
So I hope you liked this random weird blog. If you want more of these then just leave a comment below and stay blessed. What are your favourite candies and chocolates?

Thank you for reading
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