Candle Safety: I had one explode

3 years ago

A few days ago I was in my living room when I heard a loud pop and seen my Candles By Victoria Glitter Cube Candle I was trying to finish off had exploded into flames on my kitchen stove. My first instinct was to grab water to throw on the fire as I had nothing around to smother the fire with. The water made the flames even bigger but did put the fire out.

I was left with one heck of a mess but luckily the fire didnt spread and my family and I were safe.

I wanted to take the time to share some safety tips when burning a candle.

Always leave a 1/4th in of wax in the candle do not burn through your entire candle. This candle happened to have an inch if not more of wax.

Trim your wicks before every burn I did this as well, make sure you clear all debri away from the wicks this I wasnt totally coscious of when burning sometimes if I trimmed my wicks if I couldnt get the debri I would light it anyways I didnt know this could cause a candle explosion.

Dont burn your candle more than 3-4hrs this one I had going a little over an hour.

Don`t leave your candles unattended I hope these tips can be helpful to everyone.

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