Candie`s from Kohl`s HaulSwatch-a-thonReview!

I bought a ton more of the Candie`s polishes (sold at Kohl`s stores) and I spent a whole day swatching and photographing them so I could show you all how amazing they are! I`m completely in love with them and I wish other $8/bottle brands would make their polishes as well as these. I already described them in my past post where I showed the creamy pastel La-La-Li-Lac and the holographic bar glitter White Noise, but I will recap for those who might be new to the Candie`s line. Their bottles have huge metallic pink jewel shaped tops and squared brushes with a really even flair. The formulas are creamy and apply smooth and even. From the 10 colors I own, the shades are very rich and some are even completely opaque in one coat - one coat! The 2 glitter polishes I own are very nice, they are not goopy and are nicely packed with glitter so you can easily get away with one layer for a nice combination manicure. The bottles are $8 each (.34 oz) but they are frequently on sale for $5 each or sometimes a special bogo deal. (I think they are currently on sale $4.99 each!)

Strawberry Field | Candie`s Smooth Nail Polish | This is definitely a juicy strawberry shade, such a bright, fun and cheery red. I love reds and sometimes it`s hard to find a bold and vivid red for daytime and sunny days. This red is so pigmented and rich, it was an easy one-coater!
Photos show one coat and a top coat

Oh My Melon | Candie`s Smooth Nail Polish | I thought this one would be a coral, but it`s more of a bubblegum/Barbie pink in real life. I don`t think I`ve ever eaten a pink melon, but it`s still a bright, feminine shade that will get a lot of use during the Spring time.
Photos show two coats and a top coat

Orange Pop | Candie`s Smooth Nail Polish | Now this is a melon shade, reminds me of juicy cantaloupe! It`s a light but bright cream orange color, very nice formula with no streaking - I point this out because I have two other light orange shades that are streaky and sheerer than this one.
Photos show two coats and a top coat

Go Bananas | Candie`s Smooth Nail Polish | I don`t really like yellows, but of the yellows I own, I prefer this one the most. It`s a bright, sunny yellow, so cheerful and opaque in two coats - I`m dying to use this in some nail art soon ;)
Photos show two coats and a top coat

Mighty Mint | Candie`s Smooth Nail Polish | This is a true mint polish, it`s actually brighter than the other mint polishes I have in my collection, so I`m easily favoring this one. I have a similar teal shade in my collection, but it`s sheer and muted compared to this chipper color.
Photos show two coats and a top coat

My Kind Of Teal | Candie`s Smooth Nail Polish | The perfect teal! It`s a happy mix of blue and green, birght and bold annnd it`s opaque in one good coat - love it! It reminds me of a MAC eyeshadow or pigment I have in my collection, and if I was in my office I would grab the name for you ;)
Photos show one coat and a top coat

Peri Twinkle | Candie`s Smooth Nail Polish | A periwinkle shade always catches my eye and this one is bright and yummy like all the other pastels that Candie`s creates so well. Blues are a little more difficult to photograph with my camera, but trust that it is a vivid color, if you like blues, you`ll enjoy this Spring friendly shade.
Photos show two coats and a top coat

Aqua Denim | Candie`s Smooth Nail Polish | Well, this one turned out much lighter and brighter than I assumed for it being named denim, but it is a beautifully rich blue. It reminds me of a blue highlighter to be honest, and it`s only downfall is its staining power - it took three days of polish remover to get the blue stain off my nails, and I even used a good base coat.
Photos show two coats and a top coat

Royal Navy | Candie`s Metallic Nail Polish | There are two shades in their Metallic line, a silver and a navy. Surprisingly, this is more of a shimmer polish than a metallic - which I`m completely okay with since metallic polishes have a bad rap for leaving brush strokes behind. This color is deep and sultry, in some angles it looks black, but in others, the harder to find ones, it looks much brighter and that beautiful blue shimmer just pops. The shimmer is pretty in real life, but my camera was struggling so hard to focus on the polish, it was too reflective to get a crisp photo, so I settled for some blurry ones that still show the blue shimmer.
Photos show two coats and a top coat

Over The Rainbow | Candie`s Glitter Nail Polish | This glitter polish is packed with mini, small, medium and large hex glitters ranging in colors from gold, silver, pink, green iridescent minis and I think I see some copper toned ones too. It is purely gorgeousness and probably my favorite glitter to play with at the moment. It reminds me of fish scales the way the colors shine and shift in the sunlight.

Base Coat: Zoya Anchor Base Coat
Top Coat: Zoya Armor Top Coat
Cuticles: E.L.F. Essential Nourishing Cuticle Pen

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