Cancer and its unique effect

This morning i met a homeless man. We talked for about 15minutes. He told me about his little camp set up in the woods and how he was in the navy an i tried to convince him to let the goverment help him cause hes a military vet. Well anyways i was so curious about this man because he was dirty an sat outside with a cooler he carried his things in. His health was bad but he still smiled. He had a glow in his beautiful blue eyes. So i asked him why he was homeless? What happend? I wanted to know more. He was so intriguing. So he told me he had a girlfriend a nice house he was a truck driver for 15 years. And then his girlfriend died of colon cancer. His girlfriend dying changed him. He said his heart was broken and he felt like there was nothing left an he said f@$k it and sold his house and his car an ran the streets getting drunk and doing bad things he said. He explained to me that hes 54 years old and hed lost everything in just two years. his life had crumbled benethe him. The point im trying to make is cancer is killing people everyday and in most cases its effect spouses to this extent And it brakes my heart. I pray that they soon find a cure for cancer and save lives!

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