Can you Juggle? It`s a Sport as well as an Exercise!

Who would have thought juggling is a sport? But according to Wikipedia juggling is a competitive sport as well an exercise.

How is juggling a sport?
You can compete with other jugglers. You usually compete in teams (so in a team of a few people, you`ll throw objects at each other and perform a show) and then be ranked among other teams to see who wins. There is an annual event that is head in Las Vegas yearly since 2004 called the "World Juggling Federation competition".

How is juggling an exercise or fitness?
Learning to juggle isn`t easy (I cannot juggle for snap even if I try. I can`t even juggle two items let alone 3 or more) but by jugging you`re increasing the heart rate as well as respiration. If you can juggle that means you have good hand eye coordination, physical fitness as well as balance!

Sometimes juggling is a form of meditation because our body likes repeating patterns supposedly like how when we doodle stuff in our notebooks, you probably doodle the same thing. Like for me, I like to doodle hearts, lol.


<strong>Can you juggle? Are you a good juggler? What have you juggled before?</strong>

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