Can you Joggle? I sure can`t!

If you can juggle then it shows that you have good hand-eye coordination (or you can improve your hand-eye coordination), boost your brain power as well as being more healthier/fit.

If you can jog then it shows you can be active and jog around... <em>I don`t really know what else to talk about jogging but it`s good for your heart/body/health/so forth</em>

But combine juggling + jogging you get <strong>Joggling</strong>.

Jogging is:
A Competitive sport. People who can juggle and jog are called "JOGGLERS" -- Did you know that? I sure didn`t. I didn`t even know you can possibly juggle and jog at the same time.

Yes this is a real competitive sport. There are even champions held called "International Jugglers` Association" - There are even five-ball and seven-ball races meaning they have to juggle 5/7 balls then the standard 3, crazy!!

Can you juggle? Can you jog? Can you do the two together? Is this something you would try doing? Me, no way. I am horrible at hand-eye coordination and I am not balanced. I would fall. =(

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