Can You Forget How To Ride A Bike?

4 years ago

Is bicycling one of those things you never forget after learning it? Yes and No? On Friday I had gone to Sport Mart and bought a new bicycle because I figured I am going to enjoy the spring/summer weather and get some great cardio this year other than training for my half marathon which I really do twice a week only and go on 1 1.5 hour runs now because I hate running. So I picked up the Nakamura Womens Solano 6.2 DS 2012 bicycle. It has 21 speed dual suspension, an aluminum frame, Shimano rear derailleur and linear brakes. I figured if I built enough endurance I could start riding my bicycle to work for exercise and save money on gas/bus pass. So after purchasing the bicycle and a helmet because we have to be safe, I was on my way out of the mall and going to bicycle 35 blocks home from the mall haha.

Oh man I haven`t been on a bicycle since I was in junior high, so 13-15 years ago haha. I can tell you one thing that you will never forget how to ride a bicycle, but and oh it is a BIG but you are so rusty and wobble around and swerve like you`re a danger to yourself, pedestrians and cars haha. It took me about 3 to 5 blocks to get a hang of peddling straight and being balanced again. I rode on the side walk for about a 1/3 of the way since I had to cross a few high ways and did not want to get hit by a car because you are considered a vehicle if you are riding your bike and if you cross a cross walk on your bicycle and happened to get hit the car most likely had the right of way, but if the cross walk is on the walk sign and you get hit while walking your bike you can sue and you can bet I would lol.

I plan on going bicycling 1-2 times a week and running twice a week and doing bodyweight/weight exercises for 15 minutes 3 times a week so there will be over lap on days I will bike/run with the bodyweight/weight exercises. I have to get my butt into shape for the half marathon or I will be one of those people who won`t finish :(.

I learned an important thing on Friday I have to wear sunglasses while riding next to the road as the street cleaners haven`t come by to clean the debris from winter off of the roads yet and I got pelted in the face/eyes dust and pebbles ahhh so blinded and I am swerving already so dangerous haha.

If you know how to ride a bicycle, has there been a period where you did not ride a bicycle and then started up again? If so, did you have the same experience I did?
Summer weather is here have you gone outside and enjoyed outdoor physical activities? Walking counts even if it is to 7-11 :p

Picture is of my new bicycle you better not jack it or I will run you over with it :p

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