Can Y`all Stop The Rumors?

5 years ago

I love Seal and Heidi as a couple because I thought they were perfect... I saw them on Oprah and I was so overhelmed with the love they shared for each other.... guess what? I still find them the perfect couple indeed!
I`m so sick of reading among luuux, internet and magazines so many stupid rumors about their marriage like "it was fake since the begining", "they didn`t love each other"!... Camon people... I find that so immature... I`m 17 years old and even I KNOW that a relationship, whatever kind it is, is not only about love!
Don`t get me wrong but I had to share my opinion, I`m just sick of hearing that seal is this, Heidi is that, they amrriage was fake, they divorced for a little thing... That`s just mean and stupid... First of all, what may be a small mistake for you, may be a big one for them and vice versa, second stop making assumptions of something that you don`t know! :X!
I tihnk it`s funny how people criticize them and maybe in a few years will get a divorce :X

So please grow a little and maybe when you`re mature enough you`ll see thta it takes so much more than love to built a relationship!

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