Can Vegetarians Build Muscle?

A question that is asked many times. And the answer is yes. When people think of vegetarians they mostly think about salads and greens, but thats not what all vegetarians eat. Most vegetarians consume foods that are only grown on earth, plant based. That means that foods like potatoes, beans, peas, and other more can be consumed by even the most dedicated vegetarian.

Protein Packed Vegetarian Foods

Beans one of the most powerful super foods with a great amount of iron and protein.

Tofu a meat substitute that is also high in protein.

Seitan a wheat protein.

Quorn which is a mycoprotein also high in protein.

Greek Yogurt a delicious protein packed yogurt, which goes really well with natural fruits.

Peanut Butter contains protein and Omega-3 a fatty acid which studies show that it prevents cardiovascular disease, and improves immune function.

Soy Protein a powder made of soy, rich in protein. Soy Protein is also great for Pre-Workout and Post-Workout shakes. A must have for any serious vegetarian bodybuilder.

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