Can Extra Virgin Olive Oil Really Promote Eyebrow Hair Growth?

4 years ago

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Lately, I have been reading up on articles relating to using extra virgin olive oil (evoo) in promoting hair growth. Specifically, I was reading about treatments in helping eyebrow hairs to grow back. My eyebrows have been through it all: waxing, plucking, and threading.

When I first became interested in the maintenance of my eyebrows, I was in middle school and had my first waxing job done. The result was a life-changer with perfectly aligned eyebrows and I never had "bushy" eyebrows since...until one day, this lady beautician fucked up the waxing job! One eyebrow was shorter than the other and thinner than I like them to be. After the session, I was mortified yet I just thought the hairs will grow back in at most 2-3 weeks. One month past and my eyebrows has not grown out evenly since. Sometimes I would go for months without waxing, plucking or threading in hopes it will grow back, but only the stray hairs under the arch will grow back. I was really aiming for the hairs above the arch to grow back, but it`s been sparse since. Even through the growing process, I always itch to get my eyebrows cleaned because I can`t stand to have ungroomed brows. So, recently I began trying out different at home treatments using natural, organic products with one of them being evoo.

<strong>Have any of you ladies used extra virgin olive oil in promoting eyebrow hairs to grow back? Can you ladies vouch for this treatment as being legit and helpful?</strong> Please share below.

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