Can E-Cigarettes boost your memory?

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The Annual Conference held by the British Psychological Society presented a new research that offers you another reason why you might want to start using electronic cigarettes. It was basically discovered that using e-cigs might help your memory and also ease cravings while a smoker is led towards quitting this habit. Dr. Lynne Dawkins was the person responsible for the study, employed by the East London University. The number of participants was 85 regular smokers.

People that participated in the study fell under three test groups. One was asked to smoke an e-cig that contained nicotine, one that used e-cigs without nicotine and one group had to hold the electronic cigarettes and not use them. One session lasted for 5 minutes and during that time, the e-cigarette was used as the participant wanted. After that there was a mood and cravings questionnaire that had to be filled. The questionnaire was repeated after 20 minutes since the electronic cigarette was utilized. 60 people of those that participated went through a special working memory test that was conducted 10 to 15 minutes after the use of the device.

The observations were quite interesting and we should all know about them. It was shown that the electronic cigarette that contained nicotine was more helpful for men when compared to women and thinking about improving moods and cravings. In women it was noticed that placebo cigarettes are equally good when compared to e-cigarettes that include nicotine. Both men and women that went through the working memory test and used nicotine containing electronic cigarettes showed a better memory when compared to the others.

This is basically the first test of its kind that was conducted till now. According to Dr. Dawkins, the main reason why it was done was to see if e-cigarettes are effective and it was quite interesting to notice cravings reduction and the effectiveness of the device when looking at women and men.

It is obvious that the most important find was the one that is linked with memory. People who smoked electronic cigarettes that had nicotine showed a better working memory. It was also highlighted that those that simply stop smoking and do not use a substitute for nicotine can suffer for a period of time and during that time they will have lower working memory levels. This is normal as it takes place as the body adjusts itself to reduced nicotine level. Electronic cigarettes were really effective for both women and men.

Do not be tempted to believe that electronic cigarettes will make your memory be better as this is not what the study was all about. We have noticed that there are some people that are now using the results of the study as an excuse for using electronic cigarettes. They are just saying that they use them in order to make their memory better. That is not the case.

The study just highlighted the fact that electronic cigarettes can be really useful for those people that try to quit smoking. By offering the necessary nicotine doses, the memory is no longer affected and working memory is always going to be kept at suitable levels. Electronic cigarettes do not improve the memory. They just help you not lose it as you recover from not smoking anymore.

This is just one of the interesting benefits that are linked to electronic cigarette use. The study is basically a first step in scientifically proving that e-cig use can effectively help people quit smoking and this is something that was highlighted in the past without success because of lack of such proof.

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