Cameron Diaz Cries After Bad Hair Cut

4 years ago

So when I was checking my email just a few moments ago, I came across an article that really, really annoyed me. It was one stating that Cameron Diaz cried over getting her hair cut. Really? THAT makes news? Of all the sick things happening in the world, THIS was top priority? Ok. Isn`t she rich enough to just buy extensions and get over it already? I really can`t believe our media sometimes and the crap they think is a big deal. I mean, we`ve all gotten at least one bad hair cut in our lives, but do we have someone do an interview with us and put it on the internet as "new hot news"? Ugh. I mean it sucks she doesn`t like her hair, but get over it sister.

Does anyone else feel this way about these ind of news articles? xox

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