Camel Jumping- Popular Sport in Yemen!

A popular and ancient sport in West Coast Yemen is <strong>Camel Jumping</strong>! The men of the Zaraniq tribe are known to be the world`s professional camel jumpers as they can jump over rows of camels!! The winner is determined to be one who can leap over the highest number of camels. This sport typically exists when there is a wedding, annual festival followed by dancing and singing or some sort of special occasion.

<strong>Did you know Camel Jumping was a sport? Would you want to try this sport?</strong>

I didn`t know that camel jumping existed and I wouldn`t want to try it out. I bet it takes a lot of practice and skills. Imagine how many times they fall, it`d hurt to land when you`re high in the air too and poor camels if you miss and hit them. I wonder how the camels stay in place too.. =( I wouldn`t even be able to jump over one camel let alone a row.

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