Calling all Juicy Couture lovers!

4 years ago

Photo is mine, please do not steal.
I am in absolute love with Juicy Couture. One might say I`m obsessed with it. I`d been wanting to go for a long time and finally went for the first time in June when we took a family vacation to Los Angeles, and since I had a lot of money saved up, I ended up shopping there almost every day while we were in LA. My only problem with Juicy is the high prices. There are some things that are fairly reasonably priced, and a lot of things were on sale and were great buys when I shopped there, but it`s not exactly my everyday place to shop because of the prices. The first time I went was at Rodeo Drive, and of course I was in love (my poor little brother and dad spent a lot of time standing outside waiting) and I got:
-a yellow-green colored Gelli iPhone case that was on sale for $19 (I needed a new iPhone case anyway and it was a decent price, so it worked out nicely)
-a gray tank top for $39 (we thought it was on sale for $19 like the other ones, but after we bought it we realized that ONE PARTICULAR COLOR was $39 but didn`t feel like returning it) and it`s actually really cute, it has subtle details like a little gold thread detail on the straps which I love and the tag on the back is like a little gold heart charm which says `JUICY`.
-a black striped cap sleeve tee which was on sale for $19 that I thought was cute (photo included)
-a little gold charm bracelet at the register that had a little lip gloss (which I`m in LOVE with) attached to it that was on sale for $5, so me and my little sister each got one.
Later, we went to the Juicy at Malibu Country Mart, where I found a really cute white halter bikini (forget the exact name) but each piece was on sale for $19! I couldn`t believe that and I had to get it. It`s the prettiest bikini I own. However, I decided against wearing it on the beach because since it is white the sand could get in it and ruin it.
I also got a $58 (highest amount I spent on any one item there) shirt from Malibu Country Mart that said `Juicy Loves Los Angeles`. I figured they wouldn`t have that in Southpark.
I definitely want to get more stuff from Juicy - I especially love their jewelry and charms. But like I said, the prices are too high for me to shop there all the time, but I do plan to make my Christmas list there. ;)
Are there any other Juicy lovers out there? Which Juicy items do you have, want or both?

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