Calamari? Yes Please!

4 years ago

I know that many people dislike the taste of calamari, mainly because it is deep fried squid. Sometimes even the look of it frightens people; some places keep the squids tentacles on so that maybe why. But I am just the opposite; in fact, I love calamari. It has to be one of my favourite fast food dishes out there.

A friend introduced calamari to me about 4 years ago. At first I though it was onion rings. since they are round and deep fried looking as well. But when I tried it, the texture and taste was different. It was more chewy and just pure goodness. So ever since then, I have enjoyed calamari.

But anyways, today I decided to order calamari from OPA! I havent had this dish in maybe a few months give or take. So I was sure craving it. OPA! is my favourite place to get calamari. The way they make it is just perfect! They add just the right amount of spices and lemon juice to make it savoury. You can choose whether you want your calamari added with raw onions and tzatziki sauce. Since I dislike raw onions, I only get it with the tzatziki sauce.

The only downside to this dish was seeing how much grease was left over when I finished it. It was quite disgusting. Yes, this dish maybe unhealthy and overly oily, but it sure was good. Just as long I dont eat this everyday. If you havent tried this before, I say give it a try!

<strong>Do you like calamari?</strong>

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