Cake Volcano :)

4 years ago

This is the volcano made of cake that I made for my science class last year. I decided to post it because of the great response to my red velvet cupcakes :)

For this project we were supposed to illustrate how a volcano worked and show the tectonic plates at work. So I made like eight or something round cakes and we stacked like 7(?) then cut the last one in half to show the oceanic plates on either side. The blue food coloring is supposed to show the water line of the ocean, it is covered in pink fondant (haha) and the little fondant balls represent bombs of ash flying out. The tissue paper is supposed to be smoke and the crushed graham crackers is sand. The standing up graham crackers are the oceanic ridges. Haha, and please don`t mind my confused looking project partner lol. You can`t really tell from the picture how big it was but it was at least a foot and a half tall. After we got graded we cut it up and fed like 30 people. My class only had 6 kids in it so then I brought it around to other classrooms and teachers and stuff haha. Our overall grade was like 98 out of 100 I think which was dumb because my teacher said the deduction was for the pink fondant but we can`t help that the only color walmart stocks is pink! Well, it was really fun to make anyways.
Have you guys ever made a super outlandish school projects? What about a carved cake? I`d love to hear your experiences!

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