Cake Slice of Red Velvet from Vons!

A few days ago at work, I got a surprise on my desk - it was a slice of cake, red velvet to be exact. Til` this day, I have never tried anything "red velvet" so I was really excited to try the slice of red velvet cake. Thoughts? It was nothing different in my opinion, tasted like ordinary white cake just with red coloring. This cake slice was $2.99.

Would I purchase this cake? Nope but I was happy to receive it, the thought that counts! I`m not a huge fan on cakes from Vons in general though. I would pick the cheesecake over cakes at Vons in my opinion. Since Vons doesn`t really specialize in cakes entirely I am sure Red Velvet is good at legit cake bakeries.

<strong>Are you a fan of Red Velvet? Where`s a place that sells real good Red Velvet cakes/cupcakes in your opinion? Any recommendations or a must try bakery?</strong>

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