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4 years ago

By now I`m sure you`ve all heard of cake pops. They`ve been out for quite a while and are still pretty popular at parties for dessert. A cake pop, for those of you who don`t know yet, is a cake that was crumbled and mixed with frosting then stuck on a stick and dipped in either melted chocolate or candy melts. I always do cake pops for my families birthdays and sometimes do them for the holidays too. Cake pops are time consuming. I usually do mine over a spread period of two days. I`m sure you have heard of the cake pop maker "As seen on TV" well that one I would not recommend. You don`t get the delicous moisture that you would with the frosting combined inside. So those ones usually come out pretty dry. Not good. Below I will post how I make cake pops if you have a birthday or even the holidays coming up why not give this a try? I promise you`ll get great reviews. However, if it`s your first time doing this. Give yourself time. I always hear how they fall off the sticks when making them the first time and yes it is a little stressful, but if you like baking and spending time in the kitchen, this is for you!!

What you`ll need:

1. Cake mix (your choice)
2. Can of frosting (your choice)
3. Eggs
4. Vegetable Oil
5. Water
6. Measuring Cup
7. Cake pans and a few large bowls (I use two of the 8in round pans for the cake)
8. 2 large cookie sheets
9. Wax paper
10. Lollipop sticks (I use Wilton brand)
11. Candy wrappers with the ties
12. Styrofoam boards (2)
13. 2 bags of candy melts or 2 big bags of choc chips
14. Shortening (optional)


1. Start out preparing the cake mix you brought, add the ingredients it calls for, usually the eggs, vegetable oil, and water. Blend and pour into greased pans. Stick into preheated oven.

2. When cake is baked take out of oven and let cool for 10 minutes in the pan, remove from pan and let the cakes cool on a rack for about an hour.

3. Crumble cake into a large bowl, make sure cake is finely crumbled. Add 1/3 of a can of frosting. Now is a little messy. Take your hands and blend the frosting and crumbled cake.

4. You want the cake into a big ball of playdough material type dough. If need be add more frosting. Once giant ball of cake and frosting is in ball

5. Start by taking pieces out and roll into 1" balls. Place on wax paper on cookie sheets

6. Once all balls are on the cookie sheets place in fridge over night.

7. In the morning, grab a bowl and place candy melts in the bowl

8. Microwave on intervals of 30 secs and then stirring well after each time. During this time if you`d like to have a more smoother texture of candy melt you can add a tiny amount of shortening and continue microwaving and stirring.

9. Now once melted and a nice thin consistency take your cake pop sticks and open, take the cake pops out of the fridge

10. Take a stick and dip into the candy melt then place into the cake pop. Continue doing all. Place them on the Styrofoam board standing up.

11. Place in fridge and let them harden onto stick for 15-30 mins, I usually do the 30 mins to make sure there stuck on there.

12. Now take take the rest of candy melts and microwave, take the cake pops out and start dipping them one at a time. Remove any excess candy melt by holding the cake pop stick in one hand and gently tapping your wrist with other hand.

13. Once there dipped place on styrofoam board, let dry at room temperature. This way they don`t crack for later like if you refrigerated them.

14. Once dry place candy wrappers over them and tie each.

15. Enjoy

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