Cafe Originale Honey Bread

3 years ago

Like many of the typical korean owned cafes down Northern Blvd, they serve a lot of desserts that are preordered from somewhere else. That`s the reason why I don`t even bother ordering or trying them out but their waffles and icecream is perfection here. Costing about $6.95 with two pieces of Belgium waffles, chocolate and caramel sauce drizzled on it and a large scoop of icecream heavenly placed in the center of it, it can easily be shared with anyone or just indulged.

My friends and family have ordered their food here but I wouldn`t recommend it. My boyfriend once ordered the chicken parm and it was nothing special about it but was way too salty. In fact, it tasted like something you would whip together with basic boxed and jarred ingredients within 15 minutes. It cost close to $15 and I did not think it was worth it.

The drinks are pretty good. We really enjoy the plum drink that they prepare. It`s light and quite refreshing. If it didn`t cost close to $5 per drink, we would be downing at least 3 glasses of it. Same applies to the other drinks.

On the other hand, the place is comfortable and pleasant with very cute decor and table setting. This wouldn`t be a good a place to study because the music can get very loud and random but it`s a good place to catch up with a friend!

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