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5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

So for my recent date with the husband - we went to an old cafe that we used to have our dates - the environment is so special - they are actually located INSIDE a nursery so all around you are beautiful flowers and plants herbs and spices that you can purchase - recently they even started selling flowers. Near the cafe there are foundations and ponds with fishes in them, even parrots in those huge cages to really finish off the feel.

We have been here for about... 4years now, since we had kids, it hasn`t been all la la la because i hated my kids crying or running around and ruining other people`s cafe experience.

Anyways, so we shared one Mugachino together because i can never ifnish my own coffee. Then a simple mud cake - love my mud cakes. They seem so easy to make and simple and everyone has had one before, but they are always my choice.

The two ginger bread mans? omg.. special story behind it - back in the days, whenever i came to this cafe, i`d get a gingerbread man because i LOVE gingerbread man and BACK THEN it used to be ONE HUGE gingerbread man... 4 years on, it`s now two mini ones, when i saw it, i straight away thought - OMG I HAVE TWO KIDS NOW. it`s like MADE for me to buy for them lol. so i purchased these for my kids =]

Thanks for dropping by, all photos are mine, please don`t steal

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