Cadbury Honeycomb Crunchy Ice cream

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

<3 I LOVE THIS ICE CREAM. I`m a HUGE fan of honey comb and i am a bit fussy with my honey comb, for example those who are in Australia would know these two brands of honey comb choclate - Violet Crumble and Crunchie.. i`m not sure if they have it everywhere else. BUT I HATE Violet Crumble, the honey comb itself is very... rough, i know that sounds weird because honey comb isn`t supposed to be soft or anything, but Violet crumble is just too hard and doesn`t have the bubbly feeling as you eat it.

So when this ice cream was one sale, I HAD to get it, i`ve had ice cream crunchie bars before, but never the tub. and I DIDNT REGRET IT

It`s super creamy but yet every so often you`ll get a surprisingly crunchy bit that`s not overly sweet either. I love the creamyness of this.. OMg i don`t know what else to say and i guess i`m not a great food critic but IT`S NICE
In the third picture you`ll see that there are little crunchy honey comb pieces in it. >.< They make this ice cream so good

Once again in the last picture you can see the crunchy bits as well.. mmmmmmmmhhhhhhhh YUM! i do wish there was more crunchy bits though, that`s the only down fall
Have you guys had this ice cream before?
Do you like honeycomb?
What`s your fav chocolate?

Thanks for dropping by, all photos taken on iphone 4s

*all photos are mine, please don`t steal
**instagram - dragonfly3r

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