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4 years ago

Hey guys!
I`m sooo excited about this! I recently joined a website called and you basically get free products and all you have to do is a few surveys to begin (to know what kind of things to send you) and if you are choosen to participate they will send you free, FREE things and you just talk about it, your experience, likes, dislikes. You can tell your family, friends, twitter, facebook, neighbor, dog. lol I was extremely excited to be choosen for this campaign. Hand lotions to me are such a love-hate relationship like im sure it is for most of us. I love to have smooth great looking hands/fingers but i HATE having greasy lotions that dont work and frustrate me. I`ve seriously been on the hunt for a good hand cream that doesnt break my small budget. I literally recieved the package on Dec.24th and i first wanted to try it all out before telling you guys my experience; In my box i recieved a BzzGuide, a full sized fragrance free hand cream, 6 travel size original formula. I was extremely happy that it came on Christmas eve because i definately put some in Christmas gifts! So here are some of the good ol facts!!
- Uses: for dryness, chapping, splitting nails, dry cuticles, scaliness, and roughness
-long- lasting glycerin-rich
-available in original and fragranze-free
-2 OZ for only about $5
-originated in Norway by fishermen

===My PERSONAL experience====
I have always loved Neutrogena products and this is nooo exception. This isnt just a hand cream, it`s a holy grail product for me!! It has multiple uses which i LOVE! You can of course use it on your hands, but also anywhere that is cry on your body! Your elbows, knees, ankles, face, lips, everywhere!! I have a bad history with dry, crazy cuticles and in the almost week that i`ve been using this cream (at least twice a day) I have seen major results (for real!!) My cuticles look sooo much better, they arent 100% but it`s only been a week! I`ve been loving this so much that i just wanted to find every possible use for it! I dont know what in the world has been happening with my face this winter but im definately experiencing dryness for the first time ever on my face, so i decided to add a dab of this with a little of my moisturizer and i am very pleased!! I also used it on my elbows and i loved it, i used it right on the mouth creases (when you smile) and it worked really good. I even tried it on my lips! That`s the only place i havent been 100% satisfied because it does keep them moist but it has a weird consistency on the lips. But other than that i love this formula, another homerun for Neutrogena for sure!! It`s not greasy, both the fragrance free & the original smell really good and the best part is that a pea size of this does the job perfectly! So this will last me a long time!

(YOU DONT BELIEVE MY WORDS?) Well just check out my pictures! The picture of my nails in the red & green are from Dec.24 before i started using the product, the picture of my nails in the light blue are from a week later, see the difference?!

I would totally recommend this to you all! I hope this was helpful for you guys! If you have any questions on the product or how to become a BzzAgent just let me know, ill be glad to help as much as i can!! <img src=";Activity=2088085882&amp;Campaign=1107899099&amp;Uid=1397634&amp;token=1de3d01a65b5d2d6a2533e55c6235752&quot; alt=""/>

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