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4 years ago

Being a BzzAgent I received a coupon for a free Unreal candy bar, but I decided to get a few of them to share with my boyfriend and to try out. I picked up the following bars: Unreal 77 - Reese Peanut Butter cup dupe, a Unreal 8 Snickers dupe and an Unreal 5 Milky Ways dupe and Unreal 41 a M&Ms dupe.

Unreal candy bars are supposed to be a healthier alternative to sweets by eliminating some of the processed ingredients that typically go into candy bars. For instance theres less sugar, theres no corn syrup in the candy, no partially hydrogenated oil, no artificial ingredients, no GMOs, no preservatives and it has a low glycemic index.

I will say out of the four I (and my boyfriend) tried we both agreed the Unreal 77 (peanut butter cup) was the grossest. It just was weird and had a funky aftertaste. Maybe its the fact that Reese Cups are one of my all time favorite chocolates, but this just wasnt comparable. I realize its not made to be an exact duplicate but it was just not yummy. I wouldnt buy this again, heck, I wouldnt even pick it up for free if I had to again because I just plain did not like it.

The Unreal 5 was hands down my favorite. It was nice and mildly sweet and I liked that the caramel wasnt sickeningly sweet as most caramels in chocolates tend to be. It had a nice flavor, it was smooth all around and just a yummy candy bar. This was definitely my favorite out of the batch.

The Unreal 8 was my boyfriends favorite. I found it was alright, but it wasnt as good as a Snickers (at least in my opinion). My boyfriend thought it was a nice, healthier alternative. It was nothing spectacular to shake a stick at, but it wasnt horrendous either. I just wasnt a huge fan but my boyfriend enjoyed it, more-so than the Unreal 5.

Now the Unreal 41 (think M&Ms) was the most surprising. The color is very bland but thats because theres no artificial colorings in it. But I felt these tasted like Cadbury eggs (you know the ones with the crunchy shell). They had more meat to them in comparison to say an M&M but I think I like these more than M&Ms. They were just yummy and I liked how they reminded me of Cadbury (one of my favorite chocolate companies!)

Disclaimer: I received a free coupon from BzzAgent to test out the new Unreal candy bars which market was unjunking the junk. I purchased one bar for free, used a buy 1 get 1 coupon to buy the other two and while at CVS was given a coupon (from CVS) for a free Unreal candy bar so I ended up with four to try out. Please do note that even though I received these items for free, it in no way alters my opinion of the product as my opinions are nothing but my own.

Are you a BzzAgent?
Have you tried the new Unreal candy bars? If so, what one was your favorite?

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