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4 years ago

Have you heard of UNREAL candy? Neither have I! Haha I was happy to be invited to this BzzCampaign! UNREAL candy is basically the healthier alternative to satisfying your sweet tooth! They have "dupes" (if you`d like to call it that) of traditional candy.

UNREAL 54 = Peanut M&M`s
UNREAL 41 = Regular M&M`s
UNREAL 5 = Milky Way
UNREAL 8 = Snickers
UNREAL 77 = Reese`s Peanut Butter Cups

Their candy is made with:
No Artificial Ingredients
No Hydrogenates
No Corn Syrup
No Preservatives

If you want more info visit:!

I picked up UNREAL 41 with my freebie coupon and let me say I`m definitely going to be reaching for UNREAL candy instead of the usual (that is if it is available). The only downfall to this product is that it is not accessible in every store compared to the candy/chocolate we`re used to seeing. You can grab UNREAL candy usually at CVS, Ralphs, Michael`s, Staples, RiteAid, Walgreens, Food 4 Less, and more (refer to website for other store listings). I found some UNREAL selections at CVS but however I didn`t find any at Walgreens. So keep an eye out!

Other than location, I absolutely LOVED my UNREAL candy! I actually like the colors of these candies and they seem a lot bigger than the standard M&M (but I could be wrong). The shell wasn`t hard and the chocolate surprised me with how milky it was! Very tasty and it seemed like I had a ton of it! I took the rest of the candy I had left over and made a little mix with almonds to take into work. I forgot to take a picture early enough so that explains the almond overload featured in the photo above because I was in a hurry to munch on my snacks haha! I love almonds over peanuts so this was definitely a treat for me! I`m definitely going to try out the other UNJUNKED options and will update soon on my opinion of them!

<STRONG>UNREAL 41 Nutrition Facts:</strong>
3g Fiber
4g Protein
35mg Sodium
10g Fat
19g Sugar
190 Calories

<strong>Milk Chocolate M&M`s Nutrition Facts:</strong>
1g Fiber
2g Protein
25mg Sodium
9g Fat
31g Sugar
210 Calories

There`s slight differences and UNREAL is made with better ingredients from what I`ve read!

<STRONG>*DISCLAIMER*</strong>I am a BzzAgent. I received this item for free. I am reviewing this product with 100% honesty. For more information regarding bzzagent visit and tell them BzzAgent KyxieD sent ya! Also check my previous posts for more info or my youtube video:

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