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4 years ago

Hello everyone! Happy weekend!!
One of the sites im most excited to be apart of is it`s an amazing site where you get selected to try products for free and all you have to do is talk about it. Easy enough right? I mean we already do it anyways (talk about products & our experiences). Well i was one lucky gal to get picked to try the Glade Expressions collection. What i got in the mail was a small booklet of coupons, 1 for a free oil diffuser starter kit, 1 for a free fragrance mist and than coupons to hand out others for $4 & $2 off. What i like about this collection is that they`re refillable so you can keep the same base and alternate scents without having to spend more money on buying a whole new kit. Here are my thoughts on both the mist &the diffuser:

Oil Diffuser kit:
This i was super excited to try out, my walmart only had this scent and i believe one other that i didnt like so luckily i loveeed this scent of pineapple & mangosteen. I love anything tropical smelling. This has a cute bamboo design that goes well and doesnt really look like something that will make the room smell nice. All the things i just mentioned are the only things i personally liked about the diffuser. Although it was super easy to set up, it is said to have a lasting power of 30 days and my scent only lasted 3 days, 4 at the most. It was a letdown for me. The scent comes and goes a little but unless you have the diffuser literally under your nose, you wont smell it after those few days; well at least that`s what mine did. The scent is sooooo good that i cant stop sniffing it, lol. Im not sure if i would purchase this unless i had a good coupon for it since these retail for about $5-7 (but that`s for the full starter kit, the refills are cheaper).

The fragrance mist:
There were lots of options for this one but they didnt have the pineapple & mango one that i am in love with, all the other ones except for the pineapple & mango scent this scent of cotton & italian mandarin were just icky to me. What i love about this scent is that it smells soo crisp and clean. I love a good clean smell, especially after you`ve done a huge clean of the house, and spray a little of this- heaven (well kind of). This i will for sure be repurchasing! This cut through some crazy smells in our home like cooking smells, bathroom smells, and just about anything. I`m hoping to go back to walmart and finding the refill for this in pineapple & mango but i would also go for this scent again!!

So in a nutshell= the oil diffuser was a miss for me & the fragrance mist was a hit!!

+If you have any questions on these products or on bzzagent please dont hesitate to ask me & ill answer to the best of my abilities. I did recieve these products for free but as a bzzagent im told to always speak the truth so these products being free do not influence my opinion or review. <img src=";Activity=2768974194&amp;Campaign=0218783550&amp;Uid=1397634&amp;token=37fff260bb8055b76173929ed87d01bb&quot; alt=""/>

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