BzzCampaign: Garnier Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil!

4 years ago

Hello everyone!!
Not too long ago i got invited into a BzzCampaign for a Garnier Product called: Garnier Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil! It is a dry oil that can be used for your hair, your body or your face, it contains olive, avocado and shea to nourish dryness without leaving oiliness. It can be used on damp & dry hair.

My experience: I was really excited to be invited into this campaign because i have super dry & damaged hair and ive been looking and searching for ways to lend it a hand. As far as the packaging goes, im not thrilled about it because its hard to grip and spray with my little hands (lol) plus since its oil it can get slippery. As far as the product itself i do enjoy very much!! I`ve used it on my hair, on my body & a little on my face and im pleased in all areas! You just must keep in mind that it is an oil and it can build up and get greasy really quickly!! On my hair i do a few sprays all around and an extra just on the tips. It leaves my hair looking shiny but not greasy and it doesnt leave residue when you use it wisely. On the skin i must say i love even more! I spray once on my lower leg, once on my knee, & twice on my upper leg and that covers it all!! It isnt sticky or greasy and it gives me a really nice shine & glow! I`ve only used it a tiny bit on my face because im having issues with breakouts right now & didnt want to worsen things, but it does hydrate those dry spots! The product smells pretty good, a little fruity but not strong.. Overall i give this product a rating of 8.5! I havent used it long enough to see a huge change in my hair but i do notice it looks a little healthier. My only complaints with this is the packaging because it gets slippery & greasy and also the way it sprays, its a very wide spray so if its not close enough to the spot you want to get than it`ll get all over other things around you.

I must also add that i did get this product for free from but i did not get paid to talk about it, im actually encouraged to always tell the honest truth! If you want to know how to become a Bzzagent or have any questions on the website or this product, just let me know and ill help as best as i can!!! <img src=";Activity=0606756736&amp;Campaign=2222899272&amp;Uid=1397634&amp;token=1847f73359b823b7185ed4cf8129087d&quot; alt=""/>

Have a blessed weekend everyone!!

***Picchas are mine, please do not take!!

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