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4 years ago

Hello everyone!!
I was recently invited into a Bzzcampaign for Garnier`s Hydra recharge shampoo, conditioner & 1 minute moisture replenish treatment. This combo is said to help hydrate your locks, giving lots of moisture for silkier, softer weightless hair. I`ve been using this product nonstop & only have about an inch left of product in each container. This way i know the exact affects this has on my hair. So let me break it down..

Fortifying Shampoo- This had to be my least favorite of all 3. The shampoo has little beads that dissolve once you use it, the shampoo does smell great and lathers up nicely but my problem with this is that when i rinse it out it leaves my hair soooo dry, stringy & straw-like. I tried using this in different ways to maybe not have my hair feeling that way, i used a little bit, a lot, applied all over, only to the roots, everything! But my hair still felt the same after i rinsed. At least it did make my scalp feel clean.

Fortifying conditioner- All 3 of the products smell super delicious with superfruits of goji berry, passion fruit & kiwi but this conditioner smells the most and the scent stays with you which is amazing!! What i wasnt a fan of was that the consistancy of this conditioner wasnt as creamy and thick as i like it to be. And with that it had the tendancy to slip off my hair quickly, but it did give moisture and softness to my hair which i highly appreciate.

1-minute moisture-plenish treatment- Is supposed to give your hair a boost of hydration in just 1 minute, its supposed to be used after shampoo & conditioner. I didnt really see the difference between this and the conditioner, only that this came in a smaller 8.5 oz tube compared to the shampoo & conditioner that come in 13 oz, this is a little thicker than the conditioner and again smells amazing. I did use it right after conditioning and my hair feels the same, so i mix it with the conditioner and since i usually leave in the conditioner for about 10 minutes i feel like it works best for me.

Overall what i liked the most was the mix of conditioner & the 1 minute treatment. Those are the two i would purchase but they wouldnt replace my go-to conditioner. I didnt notice a huge difference in my hair but it is a little shinnier. <img src=";Activity=5610521272&amp;Campaign=6404167871&amp;Uid=1397634&amp;token=b8dcff0f46989e3d455c6d832b228689&quot; alt=""/>

Although i did get these items for FREE from, i was not paid to do this, it is my full & honest opinion. If you have any questions on these products or how to become a Bzzagent, just let me know & ill do my best to help! :)

***Picchas are mine, please do not take!!

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