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4 years ago

I was invited to do a BzzCampaign a while ago featuring Unreal candy! I never heard of Unreal candy before, so I was clueless as to where they were sold until a LUUUX member mentioned where she bought them! So I went to CVS and they only sold the hard candied ones that looked like M&Ms and huge bags of the candy bar version. BzzAgent gave me one free coupon for any 1.7 oz or less candy, so I couldn`t get the big bags. Well, I could, but I didn`t want to spend money :P I was also sent BOGO coupons for 1.7 oz or less candy also.

My boyfriend and I were really interested in the candy bars and peanut butter cup! I chose a candy with peanuts and one without.

As for taste, the candy bar with the peanuts tasted absolutely DELICIOUS! I was surprised. This brand is supposed to be super healthy since it is without a lot of the harmful stuff and it has like protein and less sugar, etc. Unfortunately, the bar without the peanuts tasted like one of those protein bars... I don`t like those lol. As for the peanut butter cup, it was disastrous. The inside was so gross... I had two bites of one and threw it away. My boyfriend also agreed that it was nasty.

Each candy was roughly $1.

While looking at candy, I found these Andes candies that reminded me of the chocolates Olive Garden always gave out after you finish a meal. I of course had to get one! It was so good! I finished the whole thing in one day.

Overall, I will only buy the ones with the peanuts. I feel less guilty buying Unreal than let`s say, Snickers.

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