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5 years ago

I am a bzzAgent and I received this Epilator from I just received this Epilator from This is the first time I have ever used an epilator. I was a little hesitant on trying this out because I have heard mixed reviews on using an epilator as another method for hair removal. I heard they hurt really bad, some said they hurt just a little and over time you will get use to the pain.

First of all I am a weakling for pain, anything hurts more than a paper cut I will literally cry.

As I turned on the epilator my first thought was "OH MY GOD, THERE IS NO WAY IM USING THAT ON MY UNDERARM OR LEGS" So after a few breathes I decided to just do it. I started with my left underarm because I`m right handed so it would easier for me to epilate.

My thoughts? I did not hurt as bad as everyone made it seemed. Initially, there is a little pinch shock but nothing where you be screaming. This hurts less than waxing and a paper cut on the finger. I would have to let you guys know that I do pluck my underarms, that is probably why it does not hurt as much. But for people that have never pluck or wax their underarm this will just be a tad bit uncomfortable.

Both underarm only took me 1 minute, super quick. I used it on speed one because I did not want to use speed 2 on my first try. I also changed the head that was used for "Massaging". This is way faster than I expected and it would last a lot longer than shaving would. After I was done using the epilator by underarms was bleeding a bit from the hair follicle, but dripping blood but red; I thing over time my arms will get use to it.

The machine itself is very light and fits in the hand comfortably. The shape of the head is a lit curvier so it moves in the crevices of your underarm a lot smoother
The image above was what the kit came with. It came with the epilator, with 4 different heads to fit any needs of yours, a wall charger, a tweezer with a light attached, a brush that cleans the hair out of the epilator and lastly a bag to put all your stuff in.

The head also comes off so you are able to wash it and really get in there and clean out all the gunk and hair.

Overall I think this is a great epilator and it has a fantastic review on amazon. Im glad I was sent this by bzzagent so I can try it out and review for you guys! I hope you guys take a look at this brand if you are in the market for a epilator.

Next I will be trying out my legs!

I give this product 5/5 Stars!

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