BzzAgent Campaign: Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

4 years ago

I am a member of BzzAgent and as a member I was invited to the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream campaign. I received this package probably a week and a half ago but Ive only gotten to talking about it now. The kit that I received included my official BzzGuide, 6 sample tubes (0.5 oz) to share with my friends and or family, as well as a full size tube (2 oz) of the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream. I have a bad case of dry hands because Im a constant hand washer so Ive tried many hand creams out there on the market so I was hesitant to accept this campaign just because I thought this was just going to be another hand cream that I dont like or one that doesnt work. Even though I had those things in mind, I accepted the campaign anyways to check it out and plus it was free so there was no harm in trying and telling my opinion about it. So since Ive had this I must say it is a pretty good hand cream! The full sized bottle is fragrance free and the small mini 0.5 oz. bottles are labeled as original but to me they both smell the same. This hand cream is probably the thickest hand cream Ive ever tired to the point where I felt like it wouldnt absorb into my skin because I kept rubbing my hands together. Its not a greasy hand cream but its definitely thick and its a product that you really have to work into your skin and at first it feels kinda sticky but it goes away after a minute or so and then you are left with soft hands! Ive been so obsessed with this because not only does it keep my hands moisturized but it also keeps my cuticles moisturized as well! And another thing I love about this hand cream is that even after I wash my hands my hands still stays soft. This is totally effective for me and hands down the best hand cream Ive ever tried and Ive tried a lot of hand creams that are out on the market weather its low end all the way to expensive high end. I definitely love it and will for sure be purchasing this in the future.
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