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<strong><em>The Facts</strong></em>
- 1 Disposable Handle
- 4 Cartridges
- Vitamin E Lubricating Strips
- Pivoting head and rubber grip for comfort
- 3 flexible blades (per cartridge)
- Retails ~ $7.49

<strong><em>My Thoughts</strong></em>
I`ve been an avid user of BIC Soleil razors prior to being invited to this campaign but I have not tried this package that comes with replaceable cartridges! Personally, I think the razors look great especially for the price which is why it drew me closer to buying them. When I saw how well they performed I always used these razors to shave all parts of my body (come on we`re grown here!). I`m in love with how easy it is to detach an old blade that gets rusty with a new one! The first time I ever tried refillable razor blades, I broke the head! BIC`s are really easy to place/replace. I`m still on my first blade (but I played around with attaching/detaching them) and it hasn`t rusted where as to other disposable razors I`ve used it rusts the next day. It`s neat how the razors come packaged in a plastic holder. VERY easy to store away in your bathroom drawer. I`m sure I`ll be purchasing these instead of the other packs that come with the full handle because those just took up more space in my drawer and they didn`t swivel like these ones do.

Basically: I approve and definitely recommend you try these inexpensive razors!
- I love how the blades pivots around your curves
- The Vitamin E definitely help prevent you from cutting yourself and my legs feel ridiculously smooth (when paired with my favorite shave cream)
- Gets the job done! I don`t have any stubble left over!
- Easy to store
- Inexpensive and accessible!

Only downfall: refills aren`t sold separately. I feel you`d save more money if they sold refills because the handle can last a lot longer than the blades themselves!
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<strong><em>Disclaimer</strong></em>: I am a BzzAgent and received these products for free to review and spread the word. My reviews are 100% honest!

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