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I thought that I would share with yall this really awesome website, that website being! What it exactly is you sign up and you fill out all different types of surveys so that they can match you to the appropriate campaign. After you get matched to a campaign which can take any where from a day to a few months depending on how many surveys you complete and how well you get matched with the campaigns that are going on, after that you decide whether or not you would like to be a part of that campaign. If you agree to be a part of that campaign they will either send you actual product to try out or coupons to purchase that specific product. After you test out the product you buzz about it either on your blog, social network, vlog, or just the BzzAgent website. The purpose of the website is to test out new products and get the word out about the new product. BzzAgent does not want you to lie about your opinion, if you like the product great, but if you dont then they want you to be 100% honest about that as well. I had just begun participating in BzzAgent and already belong to the Glade campaign! I am very excited and think this is a great idea so I wanted to share it with all of you! Thank you for reading and XOXOXO!

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