OK! I posted something related to this not long ago and I simply got attacked left and right. I am not ungrateful and really did enjoy the time I spent on Luuux. So all I ask is that if you have anything to comment, please, at least read the WHOLE post. Some people didn`t even bother to read it all the way prior to attacking me.

So, as many of you may know, Luuux has made some terrible changes to the shop and mostly by raising their prices in an exaggerated way! I first noticed this not long ago, and I gotta tell ya`, it`s a real disrespectful joke on Luuuxs` behalf to do such a thing.

I signed up about a year ago. In my opinion, the original concept of the site worked out just fine. I have always enjoyed writing, expressing myself, sharing things I loved "bragging" about to anyone that was willing to read it. And hey, in doing so, at least in this site, you were rewarded. The amount of Luuux you got for liking, commenting, as well as posting blogs was a bit of a challenge given the fact the site has always been super slow. It was even more of a challenge the amount of Luuux cash it took to get a decent item from the shop.

So what the heck! I still decided to stay on this site because after all, I truly have always enjoyed blogging and writing. To be quite honest with you, at some point while doing all of the activity I did on this site, many things made me think about the amount of work you actually had to put into the site in order to really get anything.

Just pay close attention to how I used to be active on this site. When I had free time in the AM, I would cruise the site for blogs and liked and commented. On a regular pace it would take me 1 1/2 hours to get 100 luuux points. When I would have time to blog at night and write my posts and share my pictures, it would take me another 1 1/2 hours to get another 100 points.

This whole time I`m aiming at the 16,000 and some points ipod touch. But real quick math, if the limit was about 200 luuux points a day, I was loyal to this site working day and night for about 3 months. Ofcourse, I wasn`t able to be on the site everyday, so in reality I was super loyal to this site for about 6 months. Even after that, I continued to be active.

So the ipod touch I got had a REAL value (as they exaggerate on their own pricing) of about $200.00. So when you divide out the whole time I put into this site, all the hours, for the value of the ipod, your time put into this with the value of the reward is truly abusive, if you ask me.

But like I said, I decide to stay on this site, because there truly was a passion in me to share all the things I did. What bothers me now and all I`m trying to say here is that it was difficult before, now they have made it even more difficult and the concept is absolutely gone. Original concept of this site has pretty much been killed.

Before, a hair straightening device used to be 7,000 points, now it`s minimum 30,000 points. So if the limit is of 200 points per day, it will take you ages and endless hours on this site to get anything worth your while.

What`s a true insult to me is that they have "coveted" items that are in the near half a million points in order to get them with Luuux points! That is such a joke of true bad taste! lol! Even if you work all day everyday, to get something like that would take you 6.94444 years in order to get it. Again, if you don`t miss a single day and by getting every single day the maximum amount of 200 luuux points per day!

That`s is why I stopped being active on this site. To top it off, now you have to give them your credit or debit card number in order to pay for the shipping. Do they not realize that there have been many under 18 years of age loyal users on this site and that there still are? How on earth would they pay for the shipping?

Ok, so yesterday I logged on hoping to just use my last 7,000 some points. To my surprise, hundreds of points have been taken away. Why? Because many users are upset and have deleted their posts prior to deleting their accounts! So from nearly 8,000 points I had and from which much dedication and work went into went down to a low 6,000 and some points!

Alright, so I thought I minus well use them on any beauty item for my sister. I found one and thought of just paying the shipping with my debit card!

I could not believe the insult that came from attempting to get that item for my sister! The darn thing was 6,080 points, which I had and the value of that item was only $20.00!

So this is what really offended me! The cost of shipping was 75% of the value of the item! Let me tell you all this much: I have never, EVER, had to pay 75% of an item I have purchased online just for shipping. Even when I have purchased something online and have paid shipping and handling along with TAXES, it has NEVER even come remotely close to 75% value of the item itself! Such an insult!

I just decided to donate all of my points. There is no way in hell I`m going to allow myself to be insulted like that. Greed is in the middle of it all.

It doesn`t surprise me that even the most popular members of this site have said their goodbyes to the site!

I really want to just delete all of my posts and then delete my account, but I won`t, because that would just mean that the points I donated aren`t going to benefit anyone. Or what the heck, who knows, I minus well just delete it all, since either way more and more members are deleting their accounts and posts, most likely the organization might not get anything after all.

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