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In today`s world, we are familiar with much technology. One of the most popular brands is Apple. Yes the creator of the renown iPod and Mac. But what about iOS 6. Announced first at WWDC 2012 iOS 6 is suppose to introduce brand new features that have not been seen before by apple.
Much of the info comes with the update of the iPhone. Yes the iPhone 5. Many of the features we here about is the fact that apple has decided to drop google maps and introduce a maps that is under the ownership of Apple. With other new applications being proposed is Accessibility. This will help with people with disabilities that can aid teachers with students in the classroom with many new features that will probably label Apple as helpful. Along with all of the other built in apps that comes with Apple`s iOS devices, Apple will bring a new Passbook application. This app designed by apple will allow you to keep you information that can be stored in mobile devices organized in one convenient folder. Also with the upgrade will come an update in Siri which would allow you to check the scores of the latest games, open apps, or search the web for information. Wait it already does that. Anyway back to the features. Facebook. The world famous social network will also be integrated into your iOS devices similar to how twitter is now.
Cameras. With a new update comes with also new ways to share photos or video and a new way to use facetime over Wifi.
Other features that will be updated in your devices will be phone for iphone, music, and mail for your other devices.
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