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It seems like <em>being in a relationship</em> on Facebook or any social network gives you "high status" and it`s a big deal when your status changes from Single to In a Relationship/Engaged/Married. Why? Because people are nosy around Facebook. They`re even more nosier on who the "guy/gal" is, even more nosier if you break up on to "why". There is a new service called <strong>http://Girlfriendhire.Com</strong> and you can basically hire a "virtual Girlfriend" for $5 to do Girlfriend-like services, nothing sexual more like: Create a fake breakup, do homework for you, prank your friends, poke you on Facebook, send you text messages, follow you on twitter and many more "weird/strange/funny" tasks that you can see on the website.

<strong>Do you think this service is a good idea?</strong>
<strong>Men, would you use this service?</strong>
<strong>Ladies, if this was offered for men, "Boyfriend Hire" - Would you use this service?</strong>

If any guy uses this service, I think it`s pretty sad because they will go so low for a virtual girlfriend. The girls are desperate for $5. And if this was turned around and a "boyfriend hire", I highly doubt ladies would pay a guy to do something. The only thing I can see is if you`re desperate or you want revenge on an ex-boyfriend perhaps? Either way I think it`s an awful service and could perhaps be unsafe too. There are some crazy people on the Internet!

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